The winery is set in the centre of the estate. Its proximity to
the vineyards minimises the time lag between grape
harvesting and fermentation.

The wine making facilities at Martín Puig S.A. incorporate
the best technologies. Primary fermentation starts off from
carefully selected natural yeasts, and takes place in
temperature-controlled horizontal macerators. This system
optimises the extraction of grape qualities and ensures
their transfer into the must. Pressing is softly carried out by
pneumatic press, and ageing takes place in climate
controlled caves.

Part of the harvest is picked by hand, and only grapes from
the estate enter the winery.

The winery of Martín Puig, S.A. has been awarded the
quality seal of the Denominación de Origen ¨La Mancha¨,
and is subject to the quality controls of its Regulatory
Bodegas Martin Puig S.A
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